In the end, albeit with a Atanasijevic (8 points in the set of the 22 total and MVP) driver yet, was the mistake (25-20) in attack of De Togni to quit the race. «This was a special game — said late Bernardi — after a week very intense and tiring, including travel in the middle of Moscow. For now it’s fine, but it is obvious that we will soon return to being who we were in the past few weeks, knowing that the next games will decide the playoff grid and we will try to consolidate the small advantage they have of Trento, however, thinking not to others, only ourselves. » In the post-match there was a big party in the field with a lap of honor of the team with the Italian Cup won just seven days ago. (Antonello Menconi) HL Superlega Milan a shot from fourth place Gasport © reserved reproduction write your comments

January 18, 2019 — Milan, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, Mexican. AFP From stowaway star of the PGA Tour. It’s the story of Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, a Mexican professional golfer who 22 years ago took three months to cross the Rio Grande (the US river that marks the de facto border with Mexico) and escape from Irapuato, a city under the control of the Jalisco cartel.

From famine to dream of playing alongside the big world. Rodriguez Hawaii debuted in the most important circuit in the world proving to everyone that desires, by dint of sacrifice and renunciation, they can be realized. At age 5 Rodriguez, instead of playing with balloon and friends, began collecting corn with the rest of his family in a land adjacent to a golf course in Irapuato.

With seven brothers and parents in financial difficulties, he could not always count on more than one meal a day. «There were days — told the 37 year-old Mexican — where have we fasted, not by choice but by necessity.» At 12 he decided to give up the school to go to work and help parents raise something to take home. A job in Santa Margarita, from Mexican club golf, allowed him to discover a passion for green. Before maintenance, then a gardener, then lackeys of some players.

Then, 36 months later, the «escape» to Nuevo Laredo traveled by hitchhiking rummaging through garbage to find something to eat. So the decision to cross the Rio Grande at night in the hope of not being stopped by the border patrol, the American border agents. Enterprise managed to «El Cameron» who comes to America and to survive mounts roofs (alongside a group of Hispanic workers) but then run to Western Union to send money earned to his family. In 2006, the return to origins in Mexico.

Again in the Golf Club of Santa Margarita as a caddy. The one that apparently looked like a reverse hath turned out to be a winning choice. Rodriguez met Alfonso Vallejo Esquivel, entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry that spends his days playing golf. Become his caddy, learn to play, it is first suspended by the club only to become a member.

Esquivel sees in him a talent to spur and launch. In Mexican tour to begin, with Rodriguez that manages to get the pass in the Qualifying School and won his first race in 2008 in Puebla. It is the beginning of a dream has now become reality. After several successes in Mexico, here are two triumphs (2017) on Latin American who opened the doors for the

Until the arrival on the PGA Tour, the ultimate American circuit, alongside international stars. Without mount the head and always remembering where it started. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV MICKELSON TO START — super Phil Mickelson Start in the Desert Classic PGA Tour golf tournament.

In La Quinta, California, the US player has recorded a partial show of 60 (-12) featuring 10 birdies and one eagle. Absolute perfection for Lefty, who played 48 years continues to impress on the green. «I am very happy — the American’s words — was a special day where everything is managed.» Record after record for Mickelson, the first player in golf history to record for 3 / a time in his career a score of 60 shots. The last time was successful in 2013, when Phoenix won a round win.

Primacy also the location for the San Diego player, who had said on the eve of the exhibition «rusty» and after the first round boasts three points ahead of compatriot Adam Long (2 / or 63 (-9). Third place l ‘Australian Curtis Luck (64, -8). Good start for Jon Rahm. the Spaniard, defending champion, despite a strong influence managed to gain 8 / a square (66, -6).

While Justin Rose, world leader, is 31 / or (68, -4). in a tournament arrived at the 60 / th edition, which takes place on 3 different courses (PGA West’s Stadium Course and the Nicklaus tournament Course and La Quinta Country Club) It involves cutting after 54 holes and sees the field in the world big and amateur golfers. BLUE — the Irish Shane Lowry (199 — 62 70 67, -17) has continued its head race in Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, the first of the eight Rolex Series event of the European Tour, with a prize pool of seven million dollars, taking place at the Abu Dhabi GC (par 72) United Arab Emirates, where they are in rear Renato Paratore, 50 ° with 213 (71 70 72, -3), Edoardo Molinari, 58 ° with 214 (71 68 75, -2), and Nino Bertasio, 70 ° with 218 (69 70 79, +2). Gasport

February 23, 2019 — Milan A Orthmann attack in Monza win over Novara monza-nine 3-1 (23-25, 25-16, 25-20, 25-20) — Follows service (23-25, 25-16, 25-20, 25-20) as in last season’s a-1, the Candy Arena confirms difficult terrain for Igor Gorgonzola Novara, which was defeated in Brianza by a brilliant Saugella Monza in every key, and able to overturn the match illuminated by Micha Hancock director (MVP), with Orthmann author of 21 points and Ortolani 15; Novara with not enough Egonu 25 points. Falasca deploys Hancock Ortolani-diagonal, the Adams-center Melandri, band Begic-Orthmann, free Archangels.

Barbolini responds with Carlini-Egonu, Chirichella (in the sextet, but immediately replaced by Fed: Foot pain kept out as a precaution) -Veljkovic, Piccinini-Bartsch, Sansonna. In the first set for a large fraction is Monza, ordered in the field, accurate in attack and from 9 meters to lead the dances: the Brianza win a +4 (13-9 infringement Bartsch) that retain up to 21-17 Adams signed.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV But in the end there is the Piedmont reaction Nizetich (in for Plak) impacts on the 21, the short point to point, so Paola Egonu with a lob of 23 peers and impregnable hold fast diagonal (23- 24) directs the set closed by Veljkovic. In the second set the «ball» of the game is in the hands of Lombardy, which at first seek the extension (6-4 Orthmann, 10-7 Melandri, Ortolani 15-10) and in the second half with great shifts in the service bend receiving Igor Gorgonzola (Hancock 19-15, 21-16 and 24-16 Begic) bringing the match in a draw.

Barbolini in the third set him to direct to Letizia Room, but Igor keeps pace of Saugella just starting, so Monza puts arrow shifts taking advantage of excellent service and attacks smudge of crushers Orthmann and Begic (excellent tonight Bosnian) , with Ortolani (66% positivity in the set) precise whenever called by Hancock. The shots Begic (18-14, 20-16) tramortiscono Novara, which are not enough attacks from the center.

In the fourth set the Igor tries to reverse course with 3 consecutive Egonu ace (2-5) that sound the alarm and maintaining the advantage (4-9 Egonu) up to 6 points of the break Saugella with which the score Monza limelight (11-10 Orthmann) and on the wings in front of 3,301 spectators the Saugella does not drop in the rhythm taking the advantage of the lengths 5, closes the error by 9 meters of the opposite. Giulio Masperi The exultation of Scandicci for the victory of Busto Arsizio.

Rubin / LVF SCANDICCI-Busto Arsizio 3-2 (22-25, 25-23, 25-21, 23-25, 15-12) — Follows Long Fatigue service to find the team that wins. Busto Arsizio plays a good race and put in great difficulty Scandicci finding new resources in the course of the race. It is not consistent Vasileva and Parisi sends Mitchem game: At the end of the American was elected MVP, despite 28 points Haak, opaque in the fourth set.

At Savino Del Bene happens frequently to start the races with a certain awe and duty to pursue at least through September 1st So it was also against the Unet E-Work, which has commanded casually for twenty minutes, forced to a more difficult task only when the score was approached at an altitude of 20. In spite of everything Haak has realized 6 points (however, with 14 attacks (at the reception (50% perfect 20 against 35%).

Enterprise managed to «El Cameron» who comes to America and to survive mounts roofs (alongside a group of Hispanic workers) but then run to Western Union to send money earned to his family.